The complete logistics package at one location is practical and efficient. Over the years, we have grown along with the needs of our customers, which is why our range of Value Added Logistics (VAL) and Value Added Services (VAS) continues to expand.

Handling customs documents ensures a smooth logistical process. This is the reason why we take care of the customs clearance for our customers. This specialism enables us to offer a solution that seamlessly connects to our customers' logistics processes. This is a great advantage for our warehouse customers, as you are assured of a smooth border crossing with the United Kingdom.

VAL at pallet or package level
Our goal is to provide our customers with a logistical solution for their entire supply chain. Re-labelling pallets or packages, re-stacking batches or replacing wooden pallets with plastic pallets, these are activities that we carry out quickly, safely and efficiently. Our drive to go the extra mile for our customers is embedded in our culture, which is why we do not shy away from new challenges.

  • (Re)label
  • Quality control (sampling)
  • Cleaning or cleaning pallets
  • Swap or tilt pallets
  • Sealing
  • Rebagging

Collapsible Cubic Box

Our collapsible cubic box has the same functionalities as a traditional cubic box, but is collapsible. The special bottom of the box provides an excellent air flow, so that the products remain well aerated during transport. This addition realizes an optimal product quality on arrival at destination, because (flower bulb) diseases do not get a chance to develop during transport.

Cost-Efficient and Sustainable

The collapsible cubic box can be hugely cost-effective. For example, if the boxes are transported empty, this saves about 40% in transport costs because fewer trips are needed, because more cubic boxes fit in ride. This results in fewer transport movements, which realizes a reduction of emissions. This provides the box with its durable characteristic.

Progress in every way
The collapsible cubic box is constructed from different materials and looks different from the traditional cubic box. Positively different, according to research among current customers. The box is neater and more robust than the traditional box, resulting in a careful handling of the boxes and a more representative look for the company using the boxes.