The international transport of vulnerable cargo is Gam Bakker's specialty. We are specialized in the conditioned groupage transport of flowers, bulbs, plants and seeds. Our focus is on distributing products in France and England.

The uniqueness of our services is our range of specialized trucks and drivers during the transport of the vulnerable products. This way, we can control the humidity in the cargo space during transport, cooled or heated, and keep it at a fixed level. This results in optimum quality upon delivery, as moisture does not have the opportunity to reduce the quality of the product during transport.

Specifically for the flower bulbs, we offer the possibility to provide the bulbs with air circulation during transport. In this way, the products arrive at their destination in optimal condition. We can also load the conditioned trucks from the side, this is a unique extra service that we offer to our customers.

Container transport

Container transport is an extension of our services. Solving the customer's complete logistics problem is a sport for us. We are flexible with changes and offer tailor-made solutions for our customers, which is part of the Gam Bakker DNA and distinguishes us in the market.

We take care of the transport ourselves for all containers destined for the Gam Bakker warehouses. When delivering containers, we use different modes of transport. Due to the close cooperation with CTVrede and other partners, we offer container transports via water, but also via rails. In addition to transporting 20, 40 and 45ft containers, we also have the option of transporting tank containers.

Curtainside Transport

Our varied fleet gives us the opportunity to provide different types of transport. For example, we transport food products in our certified and conditioned trailers, and we can also transport heavy material in our low-loaders. Depending on the cargo, we provide the best materials.

We transport freight daily in the Benelux and weekly to France and England. By organizing different types of transport, we achieve an excellent coverage in the countries where we are active. We can use our fixed network for urgent orders and part loads, which makes us flexible and maneuverable. Our network mainly consists of long-term relationships, which guarantees the quality of our service.


We are only satisfied when you are.

Before, during and after transport, we handle your products efficiently and with care: we bear full responsibility at that time.

We think it’s normal and obvious that your products are delivered in optimal condition and on time. Our modern fleet plays a major role in realizing this promise. Our trucks are conditioned, regulate the humidity and are optimally aerated. We also have open trucks and low-loaders.

To enable loading and unloading under special circumstances, the trucks can also be loaded and unloaded from the side. Most materials in our fleet are also equipped with tail lifts at the rear of the truck.

Our fleet can offer the following:

  • Conditioned transport
  • Humidity Controlled Transport
  • Aerating during transport
  • Open trucks and low loaders
  • Tautliners
  • Container chassis

Likewise in our warehouse, the goods are transported conditioned during the entire journey, in addition, the humidity is also continuously monitored and adjusted if necessary. As a result, the products arrive in perfect condition at the delivery address. The flower bulb transport to France, for example, benefits a lot from these features.

Gam Bakker transports the products to various European destinations, including transport to France, England, Germany, Ireland and other European countries.