Quality is one of the characteristics of Gam Bakker. We strive for an optimal service, whereby transparency and thorough preparation ensure an expected and desired result. The application of solid quality management creates awareness and a working method in which quality is guaranteed on a daily basis.

Safety and Health
Safe and healthy working conditions are our standard. These conditions are regarded as extremely important within our company, because everyone must be able to participate and work safely in their working environment. We follow the laws and regulations in the field of working conditions, driving and rest times and food safety.

IFS Certificates

In order to guarantee our quality, our colleagues are in possession of the correct certifications and modern equipment. Obtaining the IFS certificates for our services are important indicators of the working conditions that we strive for.

The various certificates of Gam Bakker are shown below. Click on the image to enlarge the certificate.

IFS Logistiek IFS Transport
IFS Gam Bakker Logistiek

SKAL Middenmeer
SKAL Westzaan