The pandemic disrupted global logistics, creating a massive container logistics problem. It is an problem of unprecedented magnitude. Worldwide, an imbalance has arisen in the container supply. There is a huge shortage of empty containers in China, while in other parts of the world there is a surplus.

Every company that develops overseas activities is experiencing headaches due to the persistent container problem. The prices of container transport have increased sharply, as did the congestion in the ports. The problem is even worse now that all containers, with Russia as their final destination, stranded in European ports.

The worldwide problems have made the shipping companies decide to significantly reduce the number of free days per container. A drastic measure, given that the processing time of containers is increasing considerably. The situation results in significant demurrage and detention costs, which is becoming a huge expense for many companies.

CY Amsterdam/Westzaan is an attractive alternative
Booking containers CY Amsterdam/Westzaan is an effective way to “bypass” the congestion in Rotterdam and minimize the risk of demurrage and detention costs. The containers are transported from Rotterdam to Westzaan, via the barge, and the days off start counting when the containers are unloaded in Westzaan.